Food Safe Level 1


Foodsafe Level One is the OFFICIAL BC food handlers program for all staff in the food and hospitality industries.

This NEW, informative course includes prevention of foodborne illness, microbiology, personal hygiene, receiving and storage, preparation, serving techniques, sanitation .

The BC Centre for Disease Control maintains a list of courses considered to be equivalent to BC’s FOODSAFE Level 1 course.

FOODSAFE Level 1 is delivered as an eight hour face-to-face class, in an online “virtual” class through Open School BC, or by correspondence (Level 1 only) through Go2.

Level 1 Workbooks
FOODSAFE Level 1 workbooks are available in English, French, Chinese, Korean and Punjabi.


Templates, charts and checklists


Level 1 Online Course
The FOODSAFE Level 1 online course and exam are available in English only.

Please let your FOODSAFE instructor know in advance if you would like to have your workbook and/or examination in a language other than English.

RE: Foodsafe Certificates: All Foodsafe certificates are issued by Island Health and are valid for 5 years. Please allow 4-6 weeks upon completion of class to receive your certificate. Please contact Vancouver Island Health office in Duncan vial email or phone in Victoria 250- 519- 3401 for ALL inquiries about certificates. Reissue of Certificates costs $15.

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Time: 9am-4:30pm, Please arrive at 8:45am
Cost: $80 (includes workbook, certificate and $3.80 GST)
Payment at class : cash or COMPANY cheque


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